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closed 11/29/2023 via BNC Analysis

Kiteworks, acquired ownCloud

synopsis: Kiteworks, which delivers data privacy and compliance for sensitive content communications through customer-enabled Private Content Networks (PCN), has acquired ownCloud GmbH, a European leader in secure and compliant file sharing and collaboration. Germany-based ownCloud allows teams to easily share and work on files seamlessly.
buyer: Kiteworks
Kiteworks enables organizations to effectively manage risk in every send, share, receive, and save of sensitive content. To this end, they created a platform that delivers content governance, compliance, and protection to customers. "
target: ownCloud
Germany-based ownCloud develops and provides open-source software for content collaboration, allowing teams to easily share and work on files seamlessly regardless of device or location. More than 200 million users worldwide use ownCloud as an alternative to public clouds.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 11/29/2023 via BNC Analysis

The PHA Group, acquired Mortimer Chadwick Gray Limited

synopsis: The PHA Group, one of the UK’s top independent PR, digital, creative, and crisis management agencies, has acquired Mortimer Chadwick Gray (MCG), a creative communications consultancy in the UK. MCG helps businesses to engage their audience. They offer services for social media, PR, content creation, influencer relations, and more.
announced 11/29/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Blackstone Group LP, will acquire Rover

synopsis: Rover Group, Inc., the world’s largest online marketplace for pet care, will be acquired by Blackstone. Through Rover's platform and mobile app, pet parents can easily discover, book, re-book, pay, and review loving pet care providers online.
announced 11/29/2023 via BusinessWire

Rocket Software, Inc., will purchase Application Modernization and Connectivity Business from OpenText

synopsis: Rocket Software, a global technology leader driving modernization for the world’s largest companies, is to acquire the Application Modernization and Connectivity business (AMC) of OpenText. AMC has been a leader in application modernization for many years, providing industry-leading tools including COBOL and host connectivity.
announced 11/29/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Fulcrum IT Partners, will acquire PayiQ

synopsis: Toronto-based Fulcrum IT Partners will acquire PayiQ, a cloud-enabled payment and order processing platform, from Quisitive Technology Solutions Inc., a premier Microsoft solutions provider and payments solutions provider. The acquisition will allow PayiQ's platform to rapidly advance towards commercialization.
announced 11/29/2023 via BusinessWire

Accenture, will acquire Rabbit’s Tale

synopsis: Accenture has agreed to acquire Rabbit’s Tale, a Bangkok-based creative and digital experience agency. Recognized as one of Thailand’s most prominent advertising agencies, Rabbit’s Tale brings credibility in crafting impactful brand strategies, driving digital content, and executing data-driven experiences.
closed 11/29/2023 via BNC Analysis

MCI Capital S.A., acquired WEBCON

synopsis: MCI acquired a majority stake in Webcon. It is a leading Polish producer of low code Business Process Automation software. Webcon is a clear leader on the Polish market, and has been significantly increasing its share of sales on foreign markets, particularly in German-speaking markets and North America.
closed 11/28/2023 via PR Newswire

Fieldware, LLC, acquired Orion Communications

synopsis: FieldWare, a leading provider of criminal justice software solutions for judicial and community supervision agencies, has acquired Orion Communications, a leader in operational workforce management SaaS software for public safety. Orion offers solutions for scheduling, attendance, personnel management, and more.
closed 11/28/2023 via BusinessWire

Cyara, acquired QBox Corp Ltd

synopsis: Cyara, the leading AI-powered Customer Experience (CX) Assurance Platform provider, has acquired UK-based Qbox, an industry-leading conversational AI testing company. This strategic move significantly expands Cyara’s conversational AI testing capabilities, solidifying its position as a global market leader in chatbot optimization.
announced 11/28/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Flexera, will acquire Snow Software

synopsis: Flexera will acquire Sweden-based Snow Software, a leading software asset management and cloud spend management platform. Together, Flexera and Snow will provide deeper visibility and greater insights into the assets, technologies, terms of licensing and usage that comprise this spend and associated risks.
closed 11/28/2023 via BusinessWire

Accenture, acquired Incapsulate

synopsis: Accenture has acquired Incapsulate, a leading digital transformation consulting firm that specializes in Salesforce solutions. Focused on Financial Services, Public Sector, and Enterprise they achieve a high return on investment for your digital transformation goals.
announced 11/28/2023 via BusinessWire

Accenture, will acquire Ammagamma

synopsis: Accenture, a leading global professional services company, has agreed to acquire Ammagamma, an Italy-based firm that helps companies advance their uses of AI and generative AI technologies.
closed 11/28/2023 via BusinessWire

Jot Digital, Inc., acquired Keep Secure

synopsis: Calgary-based Jot Digital, Inc. has acquired Keep Secure, a Canadian technology company with expertise in cloud infrastructure and cyber security. This acquisition provides immediate synergies to Jot while helping accelerate future strategic initiatives, reinforcing Jot’s commitment as a market leader in the digital services space.
announced 11/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Execus, will acquire Differens Srl

synopsis: Execus, a global training and consulting company specialized in sales, SaaS and Social Selling, will acquire a 51% stake in Differens, a digital marketing agency in Italy. Differens helps their clients to design effective digital marketing strategies. They provide services for SEO, branding, social media, lead generation, web design, and more.
announced 11/28/2023 via BNC Analysis

Execus, will acquire Adasta Media

synopsis: Execus, a global training and consulting company specialized in sales, SaaS and Social Selling, will acquire a 51% stake in Adasta Media, an Italian digital advertising agency that specializes in programmatic advertising. Adasta manages the buying and selling of digital advertising space across display, video, native and DOOH.
closed 11/28/2023 via BusinessWire

Accenture, acquired Ocelot Consulting

synopsis: Accenture, a leading global professional services company, has acquired Ocelot Consulting, a cloud consultancy specializing in full-stack development, data engineering, data science, and strategy and execution for cloud modernization.
announced 11/27/2023 via BNC Analysis

New Mountain Capital, LLC, will acquire Broadcast Music, Inc.

synopsis: New Mountain Capital, LLC, a New York-based investment firm, will acquire Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the largest music rights organization in the U.S. BMI represents the public performance rights in over 20.6 million musical works created and owned by more than 1.3 million songwriters, composers, and music publishers.
announced 11/27/2023 via PR Newswire

BPEA EQT, will acquire HRBrain

synopsis: EQT announces that the BPEA EQT Mid-Market Growth Fund will acquire a majority stake in Tokyo-based HRBrain. HRBrain was established in 2016 to offer software solutions aimed at simplifying and streamlining companies' performance evaluation processes.
closed 11/27/2023 via PR Newswire

Research Solutions, Inc., acquired

synopsis: Research Solutions, a provider of cloud-based workflow solutions, has acquired scite, a search and discovery platform. scite leverages AI to increase the discoverability of research. Their Smart Citations allow users to see how a publication has been cited. The platform has classified over 1.2b citation statements from 187m scientific articles.
closed 11/27/2023 via BusinessWire

Spielworks GmbH, acquired Wasder AB

synopsis: Spielworks, a German company on a mission to create the gold standard of Web3 gaming, has acquired Wasder, a gamified social gaming platform in Sweden. Wasder is a mobile community where players can express themselves and connect with others. The app allows users to follow their favorite games, find new teammates to play with, share clips and more.
closed 11/24/2023 via BNC Analysis

Shogakukan Inc, acquired Tokyo Otaku Mode

synopsis: Shogakukan has acquired Tokyo Otaku Mode and made the company a wholly owned subsidiary. Tokyo Otaku Mode™ (TOM) shares with the world the latest Japanese pop culture news through its Facebook page, which has over 20 million likes, and sells products related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music, and fashion through its website.
buyer: Shogakukan Inc
Shogakukan began by launching learning magazines targeting elementary school children in Japan. The company has become a general publishing company with a book division that releases manga, picture books, illustrated reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, literary works, and more. "
target: Tokyo Otaku Mode
Tokyo Otaku Mode™ (TOM) shares with the world the latest Japanese pop culture news through its Facebook page, which has over 20 million likes, and sells products related to Japanese anime, manga, games, music, and fashion through its website, the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 11/24/2023 via Company Press Release

Danelec, acquired Nautilus Labs

synopsis: Copenhagen-based Danelec, the technology provider specializing in maritime safety and sustainability, has acquired Nautilus Labs and its AI-powered technology platform. Nautilus Labs' Voyage Optimization solution offers the most accurate real-time prediction of voyage outcomes in the market.
closed 11/24/2023 via BNC Analysis

Kiteworks, acquired Maytech Communications Ltd

synopsis: Kiteworks, a San Mateo, CA-based data privacy and compliance company for sensitive content communications through its Private Content Network, acquired Maytech, a London, UK-based company that offers data file transfer solutions. Maytech meets evolving needs through features like automated workflows, large file handling, and secure API integration.
closed 11/24/2023 via Company Press Release

OVO Group, acquired Bonnet Ltd

synopsis: OVO, a leading energy company in the UK, has completed its acquisition of Bonnet, a public electric vehicle (EV) charging consumer app. Headquartered in London, Bonnet’s groundbreaking technology brings together nationwide public charge point operators into one app.
closed 11/23/2023 via Company Press Release

The Weir Group PLC, acquired Sentian.AI

synopsis: Weir, a global mining technology leader, has acquired SentianAI, a Swedish-based developer of AI solutions that optimize performance in minerals processing.
announced 11/23/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Ackroo Inc., will acquire GiftFly

synopsis: Ackroo Inc., a loyalty marketing, payments and point-of-sale technology and services provider, has signed a definitive asset purchase agreement with GiftFly. GiftFly is an international payments company based in the U.S. with an eGift card product for small to medium sized merchants.
closed 11/23/2023 via BNC Analysis

Wilmington plc, acquired Astutis Limited

synopsis: Wilmington plc, a London-based provider of information and training for governance and risk & compliance, has acquired Astutis, a global leader in workplace health, safety and environmental training. Astutis offers accredited NEBOSH, IOSH and IEMA training, enabling HSE professionals and companies to protect employees and preserve the environment.
closed 11/23/2023 via BNC Analysis

AirPay, acquired FinMapp

synopsis: airpay, an India-based integrated financial services platform, has announced the acquisition of Finfinity Technologies, a Delhi-based personal finance management start-up and the developer of the Finmapp app. FinMapp allows users to take control of their financial future with expert personal finance management tips & tools.
announced 11/23/2023 via BNC Analysis

Ideagen Plc, will acquire Damstra

synopsis: Ideagen, a global technology company, will acquire Damstra Holdings Limited, a global leader in workforce management, compliance, and safety management. Through their unique, integrated workplace management platform, Damstra delivers powerful solutions that radically transform the way organisations manage, track and protect the entire workplace.
closed 11/23/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Equasens, acquired Apotheken Datenverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG

synopsis: EQUASENS, a leading healthcare software publisher, announced the acquisition of 100% of the capital of AD Apotheken Datenverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG (ADV) in partnership with ARZ HAAN. ADV, founded in 1986, specializes in IT and software solutions for pharmacies.
closed 11/23/2023 via BNC Analysis

Adobe Systems Incorporated, acquired

synopsis: Software giant Adobe has acquired Bengaluru-based AI startup, an artificial intelligence-driven video creation platform. Their deep tech generative AI technology creates hyper-personalized professional-quality videos for businesses across the globe. They are on a mission to humanize communications - one personalized video at a time.
announced 11/23/2023 via BNC Analysis

Kiteworks, will acquire DRACOON

synopsis: Kiteworks, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company that delivers data privacy and compliance for sensitive content communications through customer-enabled Private Content Networks (PCN), will merge with Dracoon, a Regensburg, Germany-based leader in secure and compliant file sharing and collaboration.
closed 11/22/2023 via Company Press Release

GDC Marketing & Ideation, acquired Geomedia, Inc.

synopsis: GDC Marketing & Ideation, a leader in strategic marketing and communications, has acquired Geomedia, a full-service, video production, post, and interactive agency. Geomedia specializes in high-end digital imagery for film, video, web, mobile, and experiential media for clients across Texas, the United States, and international markets.
announced 11/22/2023 via BNC Analysis

2BC, Inc. will be merged with Bridge Group,

synopsis: 2BC will merge with Bridge Group, a Japanese provider of B2B marketing and sales services. 2BC is a B2B sales & marketing company in Japan. 2BC helps ICT companies to grow their business and increase their sales. They provide services for content development, lead generation, sales growth strategy & consulting, marketing technology, and more.
closed 11/22/2023 via PR Newswire

Safeware, Inc., acquired Hazard3

synopsis: Safeware, Inc., a leading provider of protective equipment and solutions, has acquired Hazard3, a distinguished organization specializing in emergency response training. Hazard3 has earned a reputation as a reliable resource for training emergency response teams, military units, and intelligence agencies.
closed 11/22/2023 via Company Press Release

Digital Science, acquired Writefull

synopsis: Digital Science has fully acquired the AI-based academic language service Writefull, which assists users worldwide with all aspects of their scholarly writing. Writefull’s AI language models are trained on billions of sentences taken from millions of journal articles. Writefull’s language services are used at more than 1,500 institutions.
closed 11/22/2023 via Company Press Release

Visma Advantage, acquired Legis 365

synopsis: Norway-based Visma has acquired iVISION ApS, the software company behind Legis 365, Denmark’s leading administration software for law firms. Legis 365 streamlines the work of law firms by bringing together client and case management, e-mail integration, document management, time registration and invoicing in one cloud-based solution.
closed 11/22/2023 via Company Press Release

SonicWALL, Inc., acquired Solutions Granted

synopsis: SonicWall, a global cybersecurity leader, announced the acquisition of Solutions Granted, Inc. (SGI), a top Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), delivering world-class cybersecurity solutions to hundreds of Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Solutions Granted offers many security layers and a 24×7 U.S.-based Security Operations Center (SOC).
closed 11/22/2023 via Company Press Release

Bregal Unternehmerkapital, acquired Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH

synopsis: Bregal Unternehmerkapital (BU) are acquiring a majority stake in Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, a software company that serves large e-commerce retailers and D2C brands, offering them the leading tool for feed management, marketing automation, product data optimization and marketplace connections.
announced 11/22/2023 via Company Press Release

Avidly Oyj, will acquire Hype & Dexter Limited

synopsis: Finland-based Avidly, the world’s largest HubSpot agency and 4x HubSpot Global Partner of the Year, will acquire Hype & Dexter, a leading digital transformation agency with offices in Australia and New Zealand. This move will expand Avidly’s footprint into the APAC region and strengthen its HubSpot implementation skillset.
closed 11/17/2023 via BusinessWire

Aya Healthcare, acquired Winnow

synopsis: Aya Healthcare, the largest healthcare talent software and staffing company in the United States, announced the acquisition of Winnow AI, a data science- driven solution that unlocks predictive physician insights and untapped connections to bolster an organization’s provider recruitment and retention strategies.
buyer: Aya Healthcare
Aya Healthcare is the largest healthcare talent software and staffing company in the United States. Aya operates the world’s most innovative workforce platform delivering every component of healthcare-focused labor services, including travel nursing and allied health, per diem, and more. "
target: Winnow
Winnow is a breakthrough AI solution that empowers medical leaders to drive physician hiring. They have combined artificial intelligence with business intelligence to supplement traditional physician recruiting. In the process, they have cracked the code to fuel better, faster physician hires.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
announced 11/17/2023 via BNC Analysis

AGCO Corporation, will acquire FarmFacts GmbH

synopsis: AGCO signed an agreement to acquire digital assets from FarmFacts GmbH, a leader in farm management information software (FMIS) located in Pfarrkirchen, Germany, and a subsidiary of BayWa AG group. FarmFacts specializes in software for farmers and service providers to generate field action plans from prescription maps to guidance line creation.
closed 11/16/2023 via PR Newswire

American Academy of Professional Coders, acquired Semantic Health

synopsis: AAPC, a leading global solutions provider in healthcare revenue cycle management, has acquired Semantic Health, an early-stage healthcare technology company focused on creating AI-powered inpatient medical auditing software for health insurance plans and hospitals.
announced 11/16/2023 via PR Newswire

GTCR, LLC, will acquire Martti

synopsis: GTCR, a leading private equity firm, will acquire Martti from UpHealth, Inc., a global digital health company. Martti is a leading provider of tech-enabled, healthcare-focused language interpretation services. Martti provides a Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) solution that connects patients with interpreters in over 250 languages.
closed 11/16/2023 via Company Press Release

Hightouch, acquired HeadsUp Inc.

synopsis: Hightouch, the world's leading Data Activation platform, has acquired HeadsUp, a customer intelligence platform. HeadsUp uses AI to help sales teams convert leads. Their platform analyzes all data to help businesses identify hard-to-recognize conversion indicators, engage leads through in-product integrations, and measure pipeline generation.
closed 11/16/2023 via Company Press Release

SplitMetrics, acquired App Radar

synopsis: SplitMetrics has acquired Austria-based App Radar, a leading app marketing and analytics platform, to create a one stop shop for app growth on the major app stores. App Radar specializes in app store optimization and automation for 30,000 app developers and marketers including DEGIRO, ProCamera, Chatterbug and Cronometer.
closed 11/16/2023 via Company Press Release

Visma Advantage, acquired FabricAI

synopsis: Visma, a leading Norwegian provider of mission-critical cloud software, has acquired FabricAI, the market leader in purchase invoice automation, which processes more than one million purchase invoices per month in Finland and internationally.
closed 11/16/2023 via GlobeNewswire

GigaCloud Technology Inc, acquired Wondersign

synopsis: GigaCloud Technology, a pioneer of global end-to-end B2B ecommerce solutions for large parcel merchandise, has completed the acquisition of Wondersign, a cloud-based interactive digital signage and e-catalog management SaaS company headquartered in Tampa, FL with access to thousands of storefronts across the United States through its customers.
announced 11/16/2023 via BusinessWire

Tradeweb Markets Inc., will acquire r8fin

synopsis: Tradeweb Markets Inc., a leading, global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities and money markets, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire r8fin, a technology provider that specializes in algorithmic-based execution for U.S. Treasuries and interest rate futures.
closed 11/16/2023 via Yahoo, Inc.

Xybion Digital Inc., acquired Autoscribe Informatics

synopsis: Xybion Digital Inc., a global SaaS company that helps enterprise life sciences organizations accelerate new drug development, has acquired Autoscribe Informatics, a global LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software company. Autoscribe provides solutions for sample management, reporting, invoicing, inventory management, tests and more.
closed 11/16/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Yuengling's Ice Cream Corporation, acquired ReachOut Technology

synopsis: Yuengling’s Ice Cream Corporation, a leading ice cream company, is pleased to announce the acquisition of ReachOut Technology, a cybersecurity and IT services provider. ReachOut provides fast and responsive IT services to help their clients eliminate risk and secure their business.
announced 11/16/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Firefly Neuroscience, Inc. will be merged with WaveDancer, Inc.,

synopsis: WaveDancer, Inc. announced that it has entered into a definitive merger agreement with privately held, commercial-stage, medical technology company, Firefly Neuroscience, Inc., to combine the companies in an all-stock transaction. Firefly's BNA is a scalable cloud-based platform built on the company's extensive proprietary database.
closed 11/16/2023 via BusinessWire

3E Company, acquired Chemycal

synopsis: 3E has acquired Chemycal, a leading global provider of news, intelligence and regulatory insights for product safety professionals managing chemicals. Chemycal’s suite of software and data solutions enable global enterprises to navigate the ever-evolving regulatory backdrop and make decisions in a more informed and confident manner.
closed 11/16/2023 via GlobeNewswire

SMX Group, LLC, acquired Outside Analytics Inc.

synopsis: SMX, a leader in next-generation mission support, digital transformation and IT solutions, announced the acquisition of Outside Analytics (OA), a trusted software engineering and data analytics partner within the National Security Space community.
closed 11/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

GMB Architecture + Engineering Inc, acquired Up&Up

synopsis: GMB, a learning organization and educational-focused architectural and engineering firm, acquired Greenville-based Up&Up Agency. Up&Up is a full-service marketing firm specializing in higher education enrollment and branding services.
closed 11/15/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Asset Entities, Inc., acquired Ternary and OptionsSwing

synopsis: Asset Entities, a web 3.0 multi-media marketing company, has acquired Ternary and OptionsSwing. Ternary is a SaaS subscription management solution that enables Discord communities to manage and monetize their community. OptionsSwing is a financial education and trading community that helps users of all skill levels to become informed traders.
closed 11/30/2023 via BusinessWire

Elastic, acquired Opster

synopsis: Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, has acquired Israel-based Opster, the creators of AutoOps, a powerful platform that provides deep insight to automatically detect and resolve issues with cluster health, improve search performance, and reduce hardware costs.
closed 11/15/2023 via Company Press Release

Advantive, acquired Abaca Systems Limited

synopsis: Advantive, a mission-critical software provider for specialty manufacturing and distribution businesses, acquired Abaca Systems, a leader in packaging software solutions. Based in Manchester, UK, Abaca Systems powers the packaging industry with its state-of-the-art solutions designed to suit all complex production requirements.
closed 11/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

T-Medical Group Inc., acquired 365 Telepet

synopsis: T-Medical Group Inc., a leading holding company in the telemedicine space, has acquired 365 Telepet, a provider of virtual veterinary healthcare services. 365 Telepet provides unlimited access to a team of veterinarian telehealth specialists, allowing pet owners to ask questions, get a second opinion, discuss behavioral issues, and more.
closed 11/15/2023 via BNC Analysis

Höfer Chemie GmbH, acquired Pool-Chlor-Shop GmbH

synopsis: Höfer Chemie, an online retailer and manufacturer of household specialty chemicals in Germany, has acquired Pool-Chlor-Shop, a German e-commerce company focused on pool products. Pool-Chlor-Shop offers a comprehensive range of water care products and pool accessories. Their products include pool testers, hoses, ladders, filters, chlorine, and more.
announced 11/11/2023 via BNC Analysis

Amagi Limited, will acquire Tellyo

synopsis: Media-focused SaaS unicorn Amagi has signed a definitive agreement to acquire UK-based Tellyo’s business. Tellyo’s suite of products is designed to meet the real-time needs of digital content and social media teams. Tellyo provides cloud-native solutions for live video production, editing, streaming and distribution.
buyer: Amagi Limited
Amagi is a next-generation media technology company that provides cloud broadcast and targeted advertising solutions to broadcast TV and streaming TV platforms. Amagi enables content owners to launch, distribute and monetize live linear channels on Free Ad-supported Streaming TV and video platforms."
target: Tellyo
Tellyo’s suite of products is designed to meet the real-time needs of digital content and social media teams. Tellyo is used and trusted by some of the world’s largest media companies. Tellyo provides cloud-native solutions for live video production, editing, streaming and distribution.
price ($mm)
rev ($mm)
EBITDA ($mm)
EV / rev
closed 11/10/2023 via BusinessWire

FreightWise, acquired Kuebix

synopsis: FreightWise, a leading provider of data-driven supply chain solutions, has acquired Kuebix, a transportation management system (TMS) software provider. This acquisition enables FreightWise to provide expanded, high-value managed services that address a broader range of clients’ shipping needs.
announced 11/9/2023 via PR Newswire

EasyPark, will acquire Flowbird Group

synopsis: EasyPark Group, one of the global leaders in mobile paid parking, serving tens of millions of people around Europe, North America and Australia, intends to acquire Flowbird Group, a global mobility player providing integrated parking and transportation solutions.
announced 11/9/2023 via GlobeNewswire

Calian Group LTD., will acquire Decisive Group Inc.

synopsis: Calian Group Ltd. is to acquire 100% of the shares of Ottawa-based Decisive Group Inc., a leader in the IT infrastructure and cyber security services business in the Ontario region with a long legacy of working with customers to evolve their IT environment.
announced 11/9/2023 via BNC Analysis

Bemobi, will acquire Agenda Edu

synopsis: Brazilian mobile media and entertainment company Bemobi has announced plans to acquire Brazil-based Agenda Edu, a SaaS platform for financial management and planning for schools. Agenda Edu is used by over 2,500 educational institutions and is integrated with EduPay, a digital payments tool.
announced 11/9/2023 via BNC Analysis

Oxygen Finance Limited, will acquire Bidstats

synopsis: Oxygen Finance, the UK’s leading provider of Early Payment programmes, will acquire Bidstats, the largest and most comprehensive source of contract award data in the UK. Bidstats offers freemium and subscription services that provide live and available government contracts from official government sources across the UK.
closed 11/9/2023 via PR Newswire

160 Driving Academy, acquired National Tractor Trailer School

synopsis: 160 Driving Academy, the largest commercial driving school in the US, has acquired National Tractor Trailer School (NTTS) from Knight-Swift Transportation, a provider of truckload transportation and logistics services. NTTS is a provider of commercial driver's license (CDL) training services. They offer courses for Class A and Class B CDL training.
announced 11/9/2023 via Company Press Release

Harman International Industries Inc, will acquire FLUX::

synopsis: HARMAN Professional Solutions, the global leader in audio, lighting, and video and control technologies, will acquire FLUX::, pioneers in immersive audio production, audio processing plug-in design, and audio analysis. France-based FLUX:: was founded for the purpose of creating intuitive and innovative audio software tools.
announced 11/9/2023 via PR Newswire

CQG, will acquire CQG

synopsis: CQG's senior executives will acquire the company from Tim Mather, the founder of CQG. CQG is a global provider of high-performance technology solutions for the financial trading industry. CQG offers real-time and historical data integrated with graphics and technical analysis tools. Their solutions provide global market data from over 75 sources.
announced 11/9/2023 via Company Press Release

SoCast Digital, will purchase Radio Business Assets from Frankly Media

synopsis: SoCast, a Canadian digital marketing and technology company, will acquire Frankly Media's radio business assets. Frankly is a leading digital platform for media companies. Their radio business assets includes an online content management platform. The business also provides related content services to over 700 radio stations.
closed 11/9/2023 via Company Press Release

DealerOn, acquired FusionZONE

synopsis: DealerOn, a leading provider of websites and marketing technology for automotive dealerships, has acquired fusionZONE Automotive, an award-winning automotive website provider and digital marketing agency. This acquisition accelerates DealerOn’s growth and supplements its robust platform and technology services with fusionZONE’s offerings.
closed 11/9/2023 via PR Newswire

Engagedly, acquired theEMPLOYEEapp, LLC

synopsis: Engagedly, an AI-powered cloud-based talent management software solution, has acquired theEMPLOYEEapp, an employee communication platform for deskless employees. theEMPLOYEEapp offers an all-in-one employee app that enhances and reinforces employee engagement by providing employees with quick access to critical information, documents, and tools.
closed 11/8/2023 via BNC Analysis

Amdocs Ltd., acquired Astadia

synopsis: Amdocs Limited, a leading software and services provider, has acquired Astadia Inc., the market leading mainframe modernization consulting and systems integration boutique. A worldwide IT consulting firm, Astadia specializes in moving IBM and Unisys mainframe applications and databases to distributed and cloud platforms.
closed 11/8/2023 via BNC Analysis

Smart IMS Inc., acquired Capricorn Systems

synopsis: Smart IMS, a leader in managed services and unified communications, has completed the acquisition of Capricorn Systems, Inc., an Atlanta-based, 25+ years old global provider of technology solutions and services company, specifically designed to address the unique challenges of the utility and insurance industry.
closed 11/8/2023 via BusinessWire

Health Catalyst, acquired Electronic Registry Systems, LLC

synopsis: Health Catalyst, a healthcare technology and data analytics company, has acquired Electronic Registry Systems (ERS), a market leader in cancer registry software. ERS provides cloud solutions that empower cancer centers to achieve their full potential by meeting and exceeding increasing regulatory, accreditation and quality reporting requirements.
closed 11/8/2023 via PR Newswire

Intevity, acquired Techabo llc

synopsis: Intevity has acquired Techabo, a rapidly growing digital consulting agency. Techabo has proven experience implementing successful e-commerce platforms including Salsify, ChannelAdvisor and Shopify and a track record of helping clients understand, implement, and manage these systems to optimize the customer experience.
announced 11/8/2023 via Company Press Release

Westpac Banking Corporation, will purchase Healthpoint from Dedalus S.p.A.

synopsis: Westpac has entered into an agreement to acquire electronic health claims processing business, HealthPoint. HealthPoint provides real-time private health claiming services to businesses at point of sale, connecting healthcare providers, consumers and financial institutions.
closed 11/8/2023 via BNC Analysis

Penda Health, acquired Grace Health

synopsis: Penda Health, an outpatient primary healthcare chain in Kenya, has acquired Grace Health, a digital women’s health clinic in Sweden. Grace Health delivers access to women’s health services at scale. Their mobile automated health assistant supports women throughout their reproductive health journey through automated chat, tracking and education.
closed 11/8/2023 via PR Newswire

The Mullings Group, acquired M. J. Moore & Associates

synopsis: The Mullings Group, a leading talent acquisition firm headquartered in the U.S. specializing in medical & health technology, life sciences, and emerging high-tech industries, announced the acquisition of M. J. Moore & Associates, one of the nation's leading executive search firms specializing in the healthcare and life sciences fields.
closed 11/8/2023 via BNC Analysis

Lafluence, acquired WeDigital

synopsis: Lafluence, an online curated influencer marketplace in the Czech Republic, has acquired WeDigital, a digital marketing agency in the Czech Republic. WeDigital helps brands to develop and execute marketing strategies that tell their story. They offer services for social media marketing, content production, influencer marketing, and more.

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Ternary and OptionsSwing


Abaca Systems Limited

365 Telepet

Pool-Chlor-Shop GmbH

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Flowbird Group

Decisive Group Inc.

Agenda Edu


National Tractor Trailer School



Frankly Media




Capricorn Systems

Electronic Registry Systems, LLC

Techabo llc

Dedalus S.p.A.

Grace Health

M. J. Moore & Associates


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